Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Step Number Something - The Flute

    After hours and hours and hours of searching, my mother's old flute was finally found! Apparently small cases are easy to miss when you are looking through a ginormous attic space filled with old boxes and other random stuff. Amazingly enough, it is in pretty good condition. It's a closed-hole Artley from around 1969, according to the serial number. Pictures:

 The Flute!

 The Artley Label

 Serial Number

 Mouthpiece - not in great condition, but what
do you expect for something that you blow spit
on all the time?
 Yes, this is a closed-hole flute - I just went in on paint
and put dots where your fingers are supposed to go. Yay learning!
 Fingering(s) on the back
The Whole Flute Again

     So this is my new flute! With any luck, I will be playing it decently enough in no time. I already have five notes down, so just a few more to go. The hardest part so far is changing the pitch to make it up or down the octave... being a clarinet player, I have never encountered this problem before - new skills time! Checklist for the week:
  • Play a Bb scale (without failing)
  • Hit a C above the staff
  • Hit a middle C
  • Play "Loch Lomond" (in the beginner flute book)
  • Play Bach's "Minuet" (in the beginner flute book)
     With school starting soon and other everyday stuff I must do, this task list is a hefty one.... wish me luck!