Thursday, August 11, 2011

Colorful Instruments!

     Clarinets are black with silver/gold keys, flute and piccolos are silver or gold, stringed instruments are and number of brown-shades that the wood comes in, and most brass are silver or gold, right? Apparently not! Have you ever seen a firetruck-red clarinet? Yeah, I hadn't either. But check this out!

Red. Clarinet. Need I say more?

    So instead of talking about my progress with the Flute, (which I will do in a few days!) this post is hereby dedicated to colorful instruments. Whoot! And under each I will say the color and the instrument, in case you are color blind, instrument blind, or just plain stupid. Here goes nothing! Or everything! Depends on if you are optimistic or pessimistic, I guess.

Assorted Alto Saxophones

Assorted Clarinets

Assorted Clarinets (Yay for lime green!)

Assorted Flutes

Assorted Piccolos

Assorted Trumpets

Assorted Violins

Blue French Horn

Green French Horn

Purple Baritone

Assorted Cellos

Painted Violin

Painted Violin
Red French Horn

Purple Trombone

Red Trombone

    I think my life is officially complete! Now if only I had a lime green clarinet....